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Institute of International Economic Research

Lviv Non-government Organization

Main activities:

1. Analytic researches in the fields of:

• Socio-economic development of Ukraine;

• Analysis of state, regional and local economic policy;

• Sociological and public opinion research;

• International markets development, global trends: opportunities and challenges for Ukraine.

• European integration of Ukraine;

• International experience for Ukraine: regional and local aspects of economic reforms and economic policy.

2. Publication of scientific and analytical materials, expert comments, forecasts, as well as special publications for entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, state and local governments;

3. Organization and participation in seminars, roundtables and conferences.


Recently realized projects in cooperation with local government in 2011-2008


1. December 2011 “Creating conditions for sustainable development of small businesses in rural areas of Lviv region” In cooperation with Department of Economics and Industrial Policy of Lviv Regional State Administration


Organized seminars in Pustomyty, Starosambir and Sokolivsky districts of Lviv region for the representatives of local governments and local authorities, local entrepreneurs and SMEs, business associations, agencies of regional development and civil society organizations.

During the seminars, the publication “Priorities and tools for sustainable business development at the district level” was presented.

2. June 2008 “Public opinion analysis on the issue of cross-border cooperation”  In cooperation with Department of International relations Policy of Lviv Regional State Administration

Survey on the residents’ opinion from the bordering areas: both Ukraine and Poland.

roundtables with the presentation of the project to public and representatives of local authorities to develop local policies CBC.

3. March 2006 Project “Strategy of the regional innovation structures development. Support in composing status documents” Prepared and presented for the State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and Innovations

We are interested in establishing international cooperation, participation in joint research programmes with a priority given to Poland!

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